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May 29, 2004
I would really wanna race at a trackday, if I had a decent car and the money to restore it after I crash it..

But who of you's visiting trackdays? Do you use your own car?
Do you have to pay for it? Tell me how is it?

And is there something like "renting" a racecar on the track? Just a crappy car that you can abuse...? That would be way cool!
No, I don't race at a trackday. I've never been to one. But if you're really interested in that sort of thing, buy a mid-90's car (preferrably a small, light one, like a hatchback of some sort) and put a 1.8L 4 banger, or a small 6 in there. If you do it right, you can make a really quick car....and since the body's old, you don't have to worry too much about it. If you pick a car that's very common, then finding parts should be easy.
i think that there are 2 kind of people that go to track days..
the one that don't have enouph money so they do what SiR_dude said and the other kind people with so much money that they take their 360modenastradale and m3csl to race.... :shock:
Yeah i'm the one who doesn't have enough money. but SiR_dude, have you got experience with changing engines? Is that as easy as it sounds? It sound expensive too...

I was thinking of a Peugeot 205...not very pretty, but plenty of parts available...
Yep i have been few times in a trackday event. Actually i have also driven a few times too, but not with my own car. My own car doesn't suit very well to the track (big and heavy). I have driven my brothers car, which is big and heavy :) also, but it has lot more power than mine has so it's lot more fun to drive.
But i'm starting to think that these trackdays doesn't suit very well to any of "normal" cars. Unless of course you are willing to pay lots of money for making your car more track suitable. It wears out the cars extremely fast, especially tires, brakes, body etc. But still i think its worth to give it a try, cause you can learn a lot of cars and how to handle them.
Association who originally started these events here is called Radalle.com. There is a lot of pictures and videos at their site, so if you have time take a visit.
Be sure to watch this vid, there is... oh well the name of the vid says it all :D
That sounds good, downloading the vid right now.
yeah just like you said, I want to race to gain some experience, but with my polo from 1988 it wouldn't work, my mom's Punto wouldn't be a good idea either.

It just sounds like such good fun! :lol:

Any more suggestions on what car I should buy IF I would be going trackdayracing?
**edit: Don?t have a lot of money, something like 500/700 euros-dollars**
Like kte01 said a Ford Escort could be a great car. It's quite easy to find spare parts IF you manage to crash the car, besides considering it has a strong racing background it is pretty easy to find racing parts to it also, if you want to make it handle better and more power.
But if i were you i would go to the track with your current car the Polo, because then you would know that do even like it after all and is it worth the cash you had to put in. Here it costs around 15-20 ? per day so it wouldn't be big loss if you didn't like.
I'm not too familiar with European cars, so I can't make any suggestions. Just get something that is very common, so parts are readily available. Then what I would do is find a couple of internet forums dedicated to whatever car you choose....people on those forums will undoubtedly be able to answer any questions you might have about modifying, racing, etc. If you're going to build it up, find a good mechanic that you trust, and get him/her to help you with it - you'll never get anywhere if you try to do anything yourself if you've never done it before.