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Trading Spouses episode


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Feb 28, 2005
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Who's seen the last two episodes with that crazy lady on? The God warrior? That was the funniest shit I've seen in a while.


Here's the preview for it. You can 'acquire' them from mininova.org.

From now on, I'm calling anyone I don't like a gorgon. DARK SIIIIIIDED!!! I PRAY IN JESUS' NAME!!!!

Funny thing is that broad took the money after she tore it up.
Scary, that's all I can say. Now how on eath did the host family accept her into their house. I can't imagine the sum that would make me endure this.
She was calm at the host's house. She errupted as soon as she landed in 'god country'.

It was hilarious how she was trying to get the kids to believe in whatever the hell she believes in. If I was one of those kids, I'de have started doing wierd exorcist type shit, just to mess with her head.
Who are the girls in the video? Is that her daughter or the daughter of the spouse of who traded with?

Why the hell did this lady agree to this? I swear i would have wanted to put her into a family of Satanistcs...(i prob spelt that wrong...)
The girls are her daughters. She went crazy after she came home.

I do believe it has to do with the $50,000 the family recieves at the end of the day.
i saw the commercial for this and cracked up. missed the actual ep, though. i heard it was fucking hilarious!