Yes, they are walzed out stereotype jokes, but eh, I don't mind. I like his videos. Something different.
That Düsseldorf "SkyTrain", same as the Dortmund H-Bahn! Only with rounded edges on the cars.

Speaking of Dortmund, this is not really about trains, but trams are on-topic enough I think. For a glimpse into the rather grey past (well, it's dated end of December 1991) of this town, have a video of a tram going the full length of the line from the southwest of town to the northeast:

The tram line, along with others in town, has been modernized/replaced by a "Stadtbahn" system which runs underground in the city centre. But essentially, it still follows the same way.

Thanks to @shad_68 for the link.


Never thought I'd see the day when the US deploys a high speed trainset first instead of getting a modified something that's already running in Europe.
They put like four trains together for this one, each with its own driver. Because of tunnels and spotty mobile reception, they borrowed some field telephones from the Swiss army and installed a line connecting all the drivers, so they could coordinate how much acceleration or braking to apply.
That's Croatia, and I'm pretty sure I know who you got the video from. :p

Hey, somebody has to crossover telegram posts!
An easy to understand summary of, I think, the worst high speed rail disaster ever.

It's been almost 25 years now...

The commentary on the video calls one aspect "in line with company rules, but to me, sounds absolutely insane" which is what I was thinking ever since I first heard it many years back.