Damn! I mean, dayum, what a nice train station including the surroundings. Of course it helps that there aren't many buildings around it so the planning of the road and cycle paths was way easier, but still...

Fun with Deutsche Bahn: We booked a journey for our summer vacation, but first only the tickets (get them while they are cheap), not the seat reservations - because the latter are not cancellable and we wanted to wait for our accomodation to be secured first.
So, now that that's done, let's reserve some seats! Only it's not possible - probably because some weird thing about ICE high speed trains counting as communter trains on a particular part of the route (Stralsund - Rostock). Solution: Book the seats not via Deutsche Bahn, but via ÖBB (Austrian Railways). It's also cheaper there (€3 p.P. vs. €4.50 p.P.).
So now I have booked three tickets on my name and my friend has three seats on his name. :D