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Apr 2, 2006
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Greetings, Americans!

three friends and I think about doing a short two week roadtrip in September through your lovely country. Our current rough plan was to start somewhere in Florida and make our way over to Houston and fly out again.

Basic interests: Technology stuff, cars, entertaining things. Three of us have never been to the US, so we'd like to experience some "real" US as well (have crappy breakfast in a diner in a tiny town). Looking at some nice nature. An air show would be cool, also if there are some nice concerts............No interest: Disney world.

So far, we have these things on the list:

- Daytona Speedway
- Key West / Everglades
- Cape Canaveral
- Johnson Space Center
- New Orleans in general

I assume there is much more stuff to do along the way, and we don't mind staying in one place for more than one day. Do you have any recommendations what we should look at? We'd prefer not to spend the whole time in the car, so either more short trips or covering a lot of boring distance in one go would be preferable :).
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Jan 20, 2004
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If September is not locked in you can do Johnson and an air show in the same week, the Houston air show is Oct 20-21 F1 will be at Cota that weekend as well.

We live just north of Houston there are a few drive through wildlife parks within an hour and a half of our house, Austin is 2.5 hours away and San Antonio is ~3 hours away. How much do you like high heat and humidity if it is one of your favorite things you are coming at a perfect time. We have made the drive from Houston to Orlando before I can talk to my wife and see if she can remember some of the places we stayed, New Orleans is a dump interesting place to visit for a day but not my cup of tea. There are some plantations you can tour on the way from Florida to Texas if you want to see some true southern history as well. Houston has a pretty good cars and coffee the first of the month to get your car fix.