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tryin to get better at taking pics, some practice

justin syder

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Dec 8, 2003
New York, USA
1986 Mercedes-Benz 300E
went out with my parents as they were going to get a rental car, which was covered by insurance, since my mom had an accident in her car.

she is fine and I got a pic of her crashed Saturn if anyone wants to see it ill post it. while at the garage where they repair the cars i saw an E-class, S-class, 3 Modena's a 550 or 575 Maranello a SL, the previous model, a porsche 911 carerra and a Maserati Quattroporte. These were inside being cleaned and were finished from repairs except this car,



If I go back then when my mom's Saturn is ready, Ill see if I can get pics from inside the repair shop of some exotics. maybe even be able to sit in the car and get interior shots. its a stretch but ill def try.
looks like you're getting better Justin

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I did some quick PS work on them. Youre gettin better Justin. 8)

You should just get some more of the front here:

And this one is pretty good, allthough sad.

I think that the PS modification made them slightly better, dont know about u guys though... ;)
It's to dark, the picture loses details that way. The contrast should be somewhere between both pictures.
From what I could tell the car had no plates so it must have been a dealer's model.

I would assume that due to the dent and scratches that someone tried to pry it open to get access to the trunk or steal the lamps.

Daniel ur PShops are too dark ;)

heres another pic, a not so great one but not as blurry as the Gallardo pic I took a few weeks ago. ;)


There was a moded/riced BMW 540i next to it.
I do prefer Daniel's pics over the originals - I love that dark, highly contrasted look for a photograph. Also, @ Justin, for shots on such bright days, you should really try to kill the exposure, smaller the better imo.