Clarkson: Trying to find a review of a Ford hatchback


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Nov 19, 2019
Greetings. About 10 years ago, Jeremy did a review of a British Ford stationwagon/ hatchback. A zippy little thing in white(Escort?)that had a hatch that went straight down from the top of the roof and had thin strip rectangular brake lights on either side of the hatch. He said it handled brilliantly and was almost overpowered. If memory serves, it was on one of the shows where they drive thru a mall. Ring any bells?
S012E06 ?

Jezza's epic Fiesta review?

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Just spent another hour scouring the net. Nothing. Years of this now. If memory serves, it wasn't a full review, it was one of 3 cars in one segment. The thing sort of looked like a shuttlecraft from Star Trek the next generation...

Fiesta XR2
If it is indeed a white car then it may have been the Abarth 500 Esse-esse which has 180hp and weighs 9/10 of sod all. That was series 12, episode 2.

The description sounds to me like the Mk6 Fiesta, but the only time I can find it in the show was in a quick shoot out with a C2 and it was blue. :hmm:

I really want to know what it was now. The C-max also fits the description but I don't know if it was ever on the show.
Ok, I'm now thinking it's a Fiesta. Thanks to Matt2000, I can now see that the brake lights on the hatch are right(albeit a bit thinner) but the hatch is the wrong angle. The hatch was completely vertical...
I looked through a load of episodes and came up with nothing. If it was Clarkson that did the review, it's possible that it was something from one of his DVDs. I have most of them though and still don't recall the review you speak of. Regarding Fords with thin rear lights, the Focus C-Max really does fit.


Also there's the old Fiat Punto:


Or the Panda:


I think we need to determine what the car was before we can ever find the review, maybe worth looking up more cars with vertical tail lights if it wasn't any of these. I doubt any of these could be described as overpowered.
Both the C-Max and the Punto have bent hatches. The Panda is closer to the mark, but I believe the brake lights which were perfectly rectangular were in the hatch door and not on the sides and the top was a much harder angle. Practically 90 degrees. It wasn't as narrow or tall either...
Aygo, Peugeot 107 and Citroën C1 ?

Auris / Corolla

Golf ?