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Trying to preserve life


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Jul 29, 2005
Marion, Iowa
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Thank god we have very skilled medical staff here in the desert, and around the world to help preserve someone's life.

Well I was just sitting in my office room playing xbox..when I heard a disturbingly loud noise come over the house..very much a helicopter by the sound of it. So I went to the patio door..and saw that it was a civilian helicopter heading for the baseball field of the school that's right behind my house.

Took a pic coming in, I think it's the Antelope Valley Mercy Flight helicopter..and considering this entire base is restricted airspace to civilian aircraft unless a reason..this one is serious.

Navigating around powerlines, buildings, trees to come down on the field

Touch down, Fire Department & Rescue in the area waiting for patient to come out of school

Bringing patient to the helicopter

Heading out minutes later..

Now they were on the ground for a couple minutes after the patient was brought out of the school, and I had no idea why. I grabbed my binoculars, and very sadly I saw them performing CPR on the person, trying to resuscitate him/her :cry: :cry: :(

They took the patient away, I hope to god that he/her will be ok. I lost my grandfather this week, and it would be sad to see another person go :cry:
Sorry to hear that. :( My condolences.