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Oct 27, 2010
Sydney, Australia
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So, it has been about a month since the studio taping, and there is still no word on when it will go to air?

Curse you Channel Nine!

The SBS series are looking better and better. Sure, they may not have the budget that Nine does, but at least they actually BROADCAST THE DAMN EPISODES!
Nein are waiting for the other channels to put on crap shows so TGA will at-least get some ratings. (thus it can be justified to Gyngel)
^ They could be waiting an awfully long time before all the other networks simultaneously air such programs as to make TGA a serious viewing option.
From Steve Pizzati's Twitter:

100% BEFORE National Cat Week, 2013! RT@lafocapeloda hi when is topgear Australia coming back?

So, I guess Nine isn't even telling the on-air talent. This doesn't bode well...
^ They could be waiting an awfully long time before all the other networks simultaneously air such programs as to make TGA a serious viewing option.

Well we are only serious talking about 7 (maybe to a lesser extent 10)*, and I'd say 95% of the shows are crap now.**

*Those are the only 2 channels Nein would consider 'competition'
**the additional digital channels- 7-mate, one etc actually put on some descent shows, but I doubt 7/9 considers them when comparing to each other, it's be the main channel only
Ha, Shane posted this two weeks ago:
Shane Jacobson? @NelsonJeronimo Top Gear Australia will be back on TV in about 4 weeks, we are waiting for the dates to be released.
Facebook - 7 Jun 2011

I have my doubts we'll be seeing it in two weeks - surely Nine will make lots of noise at least a month beforehand.

From an SMH article 1 Jun 2011:
New episodes of British Top Gear are expected later this year, the 16th season having finished its run before Easter. Nine has yet to confirm when further episodes of Top Gear Australia will air and how many episodes have been produced but it's expected they will coincide with the new British episodes.
You'd think Nine will fast track UK episodes and then run TGAUS after that finishes,so TGAUS might not be on for another 2 months.
At least I know why they didn't film a "News" segment. By the time Nine actually broadcasts it, they would have to re-title the segment "Ancient History".
I've recently been given a Neilsen UNITAM, so I'll be doing my part to show Nein that people to actually watch this stuff. Not that it'll make them make it a better show... or air it at a better time... or more often...
The UK version, the USA version, and Fifth Gear all have countdowns running on the home page. Even though the filming and studio cut scenes are complete, the Australian version is still listed as "Unknown". It's just a little sad.
wow, and i thought American networks were bad...
^^ Sadly, or happily ... or maybe even indifferently :dunno: TGAu is merely a contractual obligation for channel nine (so they could take Top Gear from SBS and satisfy the money grabbers at BBC Worldwide). They'll show it when they have nothing better to air.

I hope BBC Worldwide are flagellating themselves over their covetous and treacherous decision to take nine's money, ultimately jeopardizing the future of the whole Top Gear franchise in this country. I'm not angry an nine for buying it .. I'm angry at BBC Worldwide for selling it out.