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Tuner GP

bmw 1 series with the m v8

ill take that please because thats an insane sleeper.

mega drool on the porsches as well
check this out

isn't that the carrera GT headlights? It don't look good to be honest.
no, its real.. i've seen more pics of that car, it seems to be to an emirati dude. do you know what tuner is that from though?
I'd like to see the other pics, if you can find them. :)

I honestly really like it, it changes the whole appearance of the car without looking misplaced. I had to look twice to see that it is a 911. :thumbsup:

I bet those carrera gt headlights cost a fortune though and a proper (professional) conversion is pretty expensive too I guess...

WOW, what a group of cars. I would take any of them. Man I will be drooling over that for days. :thumbsup:
:woot: :drool: Thanks for that...
What an amazing collection of cars...