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[Tuning] Nothelle Body Kit for the Audi Q7


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Oct 4, 2004
Yet another masterpiece based on the Q7. :lol:


Nothelle Body Kit for the Audi Q7
Published: February 3rd, 2006

For over 38 years the name nothelle has been synonymous with a passion for engineering excellence. Our tuning products designed for top quality cars by Audi meet the highest standards and combine our accumulated experience in motorsport with the traditional nothelle values: quality and exclusivity.

nothelle's customising products for Audi cars are born out of a passion for motorsport and innovative concepts. The Q7 is the latest addition to the Audi family. nothelle from Ratingen, Germany, has already for the launch laid its hands on this model and has enhanced it both visually and in terms of its power and dynamism.

nothelle's prime aim was to lend the SUV a sporty lifestyle look, without detracting from its the off-road ability. This means that the nothelle Q7 is not a yuppie vehicle, but a vehicle that retains its all-round abilities. A visit to a flashy restaurant? High-speed motorway driving? Swift uphill climbing on twisty roads? Driving on rough terrain? The nothelle Q7 masters all of these disciplines, while cutting a fine figure at the same time.

nothelle modifies the external appearance of the Q7 by fitting a sporty and elegant body-styling kit. The kit comprises a lift-reducing front spoiler, side sills, an entirely new rear apron, wheel arch extensions and a roof spoiler for enhanced stability at high speeds.

All products can be fitted at any Audi dealer's.

Eye-catching appearance!

Fitted with nothelle's own brand of wheel rim from the Novedra series, the "NOVEDRA IX SPORT" in king-size format 10.0 x 22 inch, which the customizer in turn equips with tyres from the technology partner KUMHO in the dimensions 295/30-22, the Q7 acquires a more powerful and individual look. The Q7 also can be fitted with "NOVEDRA IX SPORT black edition" and "NOVEDRA IX SPORT brilliance edition" rims, making it then appear even more exclusive.

The new look and additional power is set off by the electronically lowered suspension which nothelle fits to the SUV. The braking performance of this 2.3 tonne vehicle is also enhanced by the brake kit developed by nothelle - for all eventualities.

Needless to say, nothelle's offering would not be complete without its numerous modifications for the interior of the Q7. For example, there's a stylish leather interior suite, which lends the vehicle a premium sector feel. It is possible to crown the elegant interior trims by integrating a business office with ultra-modern multimedia components.
Sheer power!

Although hardly visible from the outside, drivers of this vehicle cannot fail to notice the modifications under the bonnet. The Q7 initially starts out with two engines, namely a large three litre turbo diesel, the 3.0 V6 TDI with 500 Nm torque and 171 kW (233 bhp), in addition to the large 4.2 litre V8 petrol engine with 257 kW (350 bhp). With a kerb weight of 2.3 tonnes, it is hardly possible to talk about powerful motorisation here. As such, every additional ounce of brake horsepower and Nm of torque would produce superior locomotion.

Consequently, nothelle boosts the power of both these engines. After passing through the hands of the engineers from nothelle, thanks to chip fine-tuning or the installation of the N TRONIC BOX?, the 3.0 TDI generates an impressive 300 bhp and exerts 600 Nm at 2,500 rpm on the crankshaft. The prices for these power enhancements are between 1,100 (chip fine-tuning) and 1,500 euros (N TRONIC BOX) and comprise a two-year warranty.

nothelle generally offers three forms of power enhancements with differing characteristics

The first step of possible modifications offered by nothelle is the N TRONIC BOX?, the intelligent powerbox for Diesel-engines. It is an additional ECU, which provides a significant but not excessive power boost.

A similar output of power provides the chiptuning variant LEADERCHIP?, designed for the ambitious driver, who wishes more controlled power. The car releases its full potential but stays always superior with showing constant running smoothness. On balanced values, the engine now offers a significantly improved torque and more power. It's the diplomate among the tuning-chips with untamed aplomb.

As a third alternative nothelle offers the BULLCHIP?, a power increase for drivers with sporty ambitions. It is caracterized by a full release of power, breathtaking torque and incredible acceleration. It is the "beef-cake" among the tuning-chips.

All the power enhancements are of course also available for vehicles with diesel particulate filters. For all the developments, nothelle pays particular attention to ensuring that the latest exhaust emission standards are observed.

In the case of the petrol variant, too, nothelle does not hold back. For the 4.2 V8, the vehicle tuning specialist from Ratingen has developed a supercharger kit, which elicits up to 500 bhp of sheer power from this direct injection engine! This should enable the Q7 to morph into a real road beast!

Since the standard-fitted silencer failed the "sound test", nothelle replaces it with its own rear silencer with a sonorous sound and a 4-pipe look. nothelle also offers the option of replacing the entire exhaust system, thereby allowing the Q7 to announce its newly gained power in no uncertain terms to the public.

Text & photos courtesy of nothelle

Worst photoshop ever, they could've at least put some disc brakes on it, instead of some circle filled with a gray gradient. :?

As for the car, I personally don't like this either, rear is ok, but in general.. blah.
I was surprised when I saw the real one last week, how bad the front looks :thumbsdown: But I am ok with the back side :)
I have to say I still dont like that car
This might have the best rear compared to the other posted before.
Re: [Tuning] Nothelle Body Kit for the Audi Q7

nothelle's prime aim was to lend the SUV a sporty lifestyle look, without detracting from its the off-road ability.

:lol: With that bodykit and those wheels & tyres??? Bwahahahahaha.

Oh yeah, overall :yucky:
wait, wait, wait.....ANOTHER modified Q7? Does anyone think there is really gonna be this big of a tuner crowd for these things?
I don't like it, but somehow I am sure that a frightening number of people will actually pay for an Audi Q7 and an additional bodykit - of which neither of the three kits posted is able to improve the aaperance of that already not very good looking 4x4 pseudo minibus.