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TV card problem =.="


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May 26, 2004
hong kong
hey guys whats sup?

i recently bought the cheapest tv card i could find in a computer mall for $160HKD with a remote, good price eh? and the turner is a phlips one

unfortunatly...it doesnt work, balls.

the situation is that i put it in the computer, installed the drivers and have also been able to play ps2 on it but no sound, that doesnt matter though.

so i plug the arieal (SP) in to the wall and computer and do auto scan and nothing picks up. all i get is static. i have no clue what to do sadly.

wondering if anyone has had better luck with these things and can get mine working. thanks very much for the help in advacne.
Go to the manufacturers and have a look if there are any updated drivers.

Are your sure the coax cable is working properly?

And if there's no proper website or software I'd check exactly what chip its useing and try some software from a different manufacturer (a product useing the same chip). Hopefully that'll work.