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TVR Speed 12; what happened, why... and so on...


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Nov 28, 2004
Oslo, Norway
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The Speed Twelve was originally intended to be TVR's "tour de force" it used a V12 consistent of two speed six engines joined together in a 90deg vee...

This is what The S12 was originally intended to look like:





Unfortunately it ended its life here, on TVR's graveyard...

This is what CAR wrote about it:
TVR Speed 12
Not cheap, but not slow either....

What is it? The standard Cerbera is mad, the Speed 12 is sectionable. Fundamentally a racer, it has a quasi-Cerbera widened and lathered with scoops and vents. Power comes from a 7,7-litre V12. The body is Carbon fiber, the chassis is aluminium honeycomb amid its steel tubes.

What was it like to drive?The 600 bhp track version did well in GT racing. The road versin had 800 hp. Gulp... It spins its wheels everywhere...

Whats the appeal? TVR turned up 11 or 12...

Why the flop? Peter Wheeler, TVR boss, famously said the car was too fast even for him. (He's racing blood spitting tuscan racers every weekend...)

Any special features? Six speed seqential gearbox (The one they are now using in the Typhon), race-type pushrod-actuated suspension.

Can I get one? Occasionally, but TVR likes to vet you to make sure you're a sfe pair of hands, holding ?150000-plus...

You can read the EVO article about why TVR canned the Speed Twelve here... (.pdf)

The one you can Occasionally buy is the Cerbera Speed 12:



I you wanna hear the sound, check out the video on this site...

What do you guys think...? I made this thread to try to dispell some of the myths about this car...
I love this car sooooooooo much, together with the GT90, these two are two examples of the best futuristic cars of all time in my opinion.
The GT90 handled like a "clown car" according to Clarkson, or were you just talking about it's looks?
It was one of that hypercars that unfortunadely never existed. his 7.7lt V12 monster engine was going to terrorize the racing. It's a shame that they never put it in production

It was one of my favorites in GT2
But then again... Define production car. Would Speed 12 have qualified? They would probably have made just a handful of specially ordered cars. Can that be considered as a production run?
And the 1978 Aston Martin V8 Vantage, it was the car that trew the Ferrari Daytona off its' throne...
I loved the look of the car and the sound it was a great car the handling would of got better plus it would of been a great car.

At least the TVR Typhon could go that more futher then the Speed 12.