Ownership Verified: Two Wheeled Bliss ['99 Honda VFR800]

Thanks! Try to jump on one while the weather is still crap to save a couple bucks. One with high mileage shouldn't scare you as mine should prove :)
Thanks! Try to jump on one while the weather is still crap to save a couple bucks. One with high mileage shouldn't scare you as mine should prove :)

It doesn't make much difference in price here from what I have seen - I'll be looking for one with around 50,000km on it but I'm not afraid of higher mileage ones :) it'll be my daily though, so I will put 15-20,000km on it a year
Hey, I know those guys! ;)

Looks awesome! Good reminder: we need to get our Blind's old mistress running up this year. :)
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So it sprung another leak...

This time on the right side, not dead center in the V, fortunately.

Lost this much over a few hundred miles:

I managed to tighten it down with an extended 7MM Gearwrench with the ratcheting box end. One degree at a time :glare:

But it seems to be happy again, I took it in stop and go traffic and on some longer days without issue (knocks wood).
Of course, I had to take the 919 to OKC because I discovered the fork seals were leaking. I attempted to clean them up using a Motion Pro Sealmate, but no joy, they were long gone.





Mmm...fishy smell <_<

And then last week got better when I accidentally bumped the VFR off the centerstand while getting on the 919 before heading to work. Apparently, dropping the VFR has become a summer tradition.



Fortunately, nothing aside from a couple new scratches on the tail fairing appeared, but could have been worse.

Now she is at the local Honda dealer, receiving new fork seals and new front brake pads since all the fork oil ruined the current set.
C'mon man. Brake pads on those are easy and the fork seals aren't that bad. You only smell like fork oil for 2-3 days. ;)

Think my vfr is in need of seals too. Spending a quarter of the last 3-4 weeks strapped to a trailer did it no good.
Well, they ended up not having the brake pads in stock anyway, so I ordered some OEMs for half the price off eBay :p

My weekends have been packed solid (went to OKC on the 919 for a flat tracking race two weekends ago after discovering the leaky seals that Thursday and then this last weekend, I was in NJ for a wedding. This coming weekend is my ride out to Colorado, so I had to have it ready, just in case.), so I didn't really have any chances to get to it and certainly didn't want to leave my VFR sitting on blocks of wood under the headers for a week.

Anyway, I just got the VFR back after futzing around planning some last minute logistics before my upcoming big trip.

Now with Sargent seat

Yay clean forks!

Now at 87,600 something miles!
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Overdue 3 year anniversary ride just got done this morning. I only put about 150 miles on it since last update, which is pretty bad. The Multistrada has taken the majority of my riding, but the 30k service on it is imminent.

It was great to spend some quality time on the VFR today, no tunes, just V4. Going out again tomorrow for a longer ride.

It's been a while since I updated this thread, but I can report that the Sargent seat is not appropriate for my butt, so the stocker is back on it. Also, over the summer, I had an issue with it not starting while hot, so I parked her up and just fired the motor up from time to time to keep things moving. We all suspected the valves were finally due.

The VFR sat for the rest of 2017, only moving when I rode it on to CJ's trailer to move in July. I finally dropped it off at the shop last week, courtesy CJ's trailer again. Got the call today that it was ready, everything was perfect, valves were all in spec, even though they haven't been touched for at least 60k :blink: Hondas for ya :lol:

Current thought is that the hot start issue is probably the fuel pressure regulator, so that's next on the agenda.
Well I've hardly ridden it since I got it back earlier this year and I resolved to take the VFR out for a spin this morning.

So when I checked the tires last night, the front tire's valve stem decided it was time to croak

Went for a ride on the Duc, came back and busted out the front track stand (popped an inch or so thick piece of board under the center stand to get the height right).

Thankfully, I'd greased the axle, so it all came apart easily.


And done!


Hopefully I can get some miles on her yet :cool:
At 88,900 odd miles now, inching closer to 90k...then I realized that I hadn't changed the oil in ummmm... almost four years (only 1500 miles ago though), so that was remedied last night.

Looked relatively fresh still, but I was glad to have it done. I was reminded that I'd cross-threaded one of the fairing bolts, but fortunately, it was attached to a removable bracket.


Done nearly 500 miles since I swapped the front tire back in September, which is still not as much as I'd like. But it's been promoted to fun bike only, so the only trips I take involve less sitting in traffic and more twisties.

During the rearranging and cleaning before doing the oil change, got a pic of the fleet :)


Had the Öhlins rebuilt (again) and got them back earlier this fall. Only took like two years for me to get around to it, but it's back in now. the correct length hose for the remote reservoir is NLA, so they returned it with a longer one, which ended up working to my advantage. I put the reservoir on the left hand side of the bike this time instead of trying to hide it under the tail fairing like @Spectre and I did at 4AM in his parking lot several years back, although that was a bit more elegant.

I've gotten way too practiced at removing and reinstalling this shock. I think I spent more time faffing with the upper shock bolt than I did anything else.

Start the clock...

Old and busted

New hotness (take 2)

Ziptied the line out of the reach of the header pipes and thus far it has not burned through and given off a James Bond smoke screen.