U.S. 2024 elections

Sen. Mitt Romney says he won't run for a second term

An almost sensible wind sock that can't be elected under the current political climate.
Significantly weaken Utah as a political entity but also clarify that the Republican party is solely Trump.

America needs to talk about the right’s ‘Red Caesar’ plan for U.S. dictatorship​

“Thought leaders” of the far right talk openly about a 2025 dictatorship. People need to be alarmed.

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Funny how these extremists seem to forget how the rule of many a Roman emperor ended.

I guess they’d have to admit that by “restoring order” they actually mean “restoring the absolute power of rich white men”, but apparently that is not yet as palatable as they think it needs to be before they make it a campaign slogan.
I’m done talking, do something about it or don’t.

RFK Jr. says he's running for president as an independent​

Great, another antivaxxer, those fuckers stole a bit of my parents medical knowledge.

I used to be hammered about getting this seasons flu vaccine. Now my parents refused Covid protections, got Covid, nearly needed hospital care, and now moms claiming that since not getting the flu vaccine, she hasn’t gotten the flu.

She also is trying to make her own cold medicine with herbs….

So fuck this guy.
I wonder if there will be any states where he won't get on the ballot.

If I remember right, in California, he'd need more signatures than is required to have an election to recall the governor.
I bet she could absolutely win a house seat, unless she would have to run in a strong blue district because of where she lives. I wonder what her odds are for the Senate. She did *almost* win the Governorship (50.3% - 49.7%)

Sadly, her odds are better than they should be.
For the record:

If you didn't watch it... Far from substantive they spent time threatening war with Iran, China, Mexico. Trump continues to dominate the Republican party primary.