UCL 2011/2012 Champions League & Europa League Thread

I am seriously considering going up to Munich for the final, but is it still possible to get tickets??

It would probably be reallllly expensive on the second hand market, especially with Bayern in the final. I was in London for last years final and thought about getting tickets, but the cheapest were like ?1000.
According to the interview with Hoene? they got 1.000.000 applications just for the 17500 tickets the hometeam (Bayern) can sell. A few weeks back I checked and nothing was available. Official prices I found ranged from 170? to 370?, not including VIP-stuff.
Wednesday 25th April 2012
UEFA Champions League

Real Madrid 2-1 Bayern Munich
(agg 3 - 3)

Bayern Munich win 3-1 on penalties

Well done to Bayern, Real were favourites to go through.
Good chance for the title, as Chelsea have been a bit below form of late despite the win against Barca.

RMA - Bayern and Athletic - Sporting were both brilliant games. Llorente collapsed on the pitch crying and the whole crowd went crazy at San Mames after the final whistle. Looked like it was going to be extra time but Llorente scored the winning goal on 88th minute. Quite a season for Bielsa and Athletic, UEL final, Copa del Rey final and still a shot at an UCL spot, trailing Malaga by 4 points. They still have to play Real Madrid though.


Valencia - Atl?tico Madrid 0-1 (agg 2-5)
Athletic Bilbao - Sporting CP 3-1 (agg 4-3)

Both Bayern and Chelsea have players missing from the back line due to suspensions but I'm quite sure Bayern will break one the UCL myths and win the title at home. Especially if Gomez wears his boots the right way around, he was completely lost on Wednesday.
Bayern are favourites to me as well, though it could get close. Chelsea are missing more players to quarantine, but they also have more competent replacements. Bayern have a mostly excellent starting elleven, but they don't seem to have a whole lot of backups, at least not in their defense.. And they're missing players as well, Alaba, Badstuber and Gustavo I believe. So they could get vulnerable.
Just for a moment, imagine the party Abromovic will throw to celebrate this... My guess is, it will be legendary, and about as close to the definition of no expenses spared as you could get... :lol:

I have never been a football type of guy, but whenever the question arises, I'm kind of a closet Chelsea supporter...
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UEFA Champions League

Bayern Munich 1-1 Chelsea

Chelsea win 4-3 on penalties

Bayern had the best of the game and got a deserved late goal from Muller which should have won it for them.

But no! Drama was to follow, with Drogba equalising with a couple to go. Then Roben missed a pen in ET and it went to a shootout. (Which I always hate.)

But the unfancied Chelsea, went and won it! :thumbsup:

First time ever that a Chelsea coach could feel like he is not going to get fired by Roman.
(So Roberto will probably find a letter in the post tomorrow. :lol:)
First time ever that a Chelsea coach could feel like he is not going to get fired by Roman.
(So Roberto will probably find a letter in the post tomorrow. :lol:)

He should run a mile from the job. How can he do any better than he has done already? :p

I'm ashamed to admit that over the last month or two I've begun to not completely hate Chelsea. Di Matteo's a really decent guy (so was Villas-Boas but his poor treatment was disgraceful), I like Mata and Torres, and the win over Barcelona really was very good indeed. And to top it off Bosingwa stood in front of scummy John Terry when he lifted the trophy!

I do still hate them though. They played Mr. Blue Sky at the end. That's Birmingham's song, goddammit.
Well, to be fair, Bayern has won many games in the past due to pure luck, even though they really didn't deserve it.

It is somewhat satisfying to see, that the luck can also turn against them, despite doing the overall better job.
A sad day for football :(


Bayern had three match balls and wasted them. The defeat is sad but not undeserved in my opinion.

Meanwhile Munich is drowning in self-pity.
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The banned Chelsea players wandering around in full kit with shin pads and all was ridiculous. No problem with them being there but just leave them in normal kit, especially Terry who did his best to stop Chelsea reaching the final.
Apparently the game was also being watched in Camp David: