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Uday's Ferrari


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Jun 16, 2004
Melbourne, Australia (originally from London, UK)

more pics here: http://forums.thecarlounge.net/zerothread?id=1757417&page=1

theres a testarosa on the 2nd page
why hasnt someone taken the suspension or disc brakes


the caliper on one side is still there!!! maybe not useful but great orniment!
the car is burnt down... the suspension would be useless... the rotors are all rusty... why would someone want that
That car hasn't been burned, it's been stripped.
Was it a 575? 550? How can you do that to the beauty :cry: :cry: :cry:
jasonchiu said:
ummm rotors go shiny again after u brake hard on them..............
How do you wanna brake on them without having the Ferrari? :lol:
That Udai guy was a REAL bigtime Fucker, what I heard... Torturing people, raping, killing... Is he dead? He better be... I'm not that supporting death penalty, but he would be a candidate

If you want to read something abut Uday I can recommend reading this book http://tinyurl.com/6ssjx It describes the life of Latif Yahia who acted as Udays body double. Gives you a good description about Uday and the Hussein family
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