Unable to connect to tracker?

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Our tracker is back up again! seems it was just transient problems, and what a bad timing for that to happen :)
Tracker is back up. :)
just a crosspost:
ive just returned from a party, rebooted the server and everything seems to be working fine now.
i have no idea what happened.
Can you unblock my IP please (if it is blocked i dont know)

Can you unblock my IP please (if it is blocked i dont know)

Hello to all, just registered, I am so annoyed by this blacklist IP thing, and also I have 2 IP addresses, one is under a Norton Personal Firewall 2004 which is :
Can you please help me as soon as possible in unlocking this so I may download videos. Appreciate it. :D
i can get into the 2nd url but it gives me connection timeout error whenever i click on a filename. i get the same error when i try to use the other 2 URLs


thnx in advance for the help!
bigfoot1942 said:
do you get a timeout or a connection refused?
i get connection refused.
strange thing is that its off and on, ie i can go to one of the links and itl work, then il try the same one later and il get connection refused, but it switches between the fdifferent addresses. also if the page loads, sometimes when i click on anything i keep getting the same error, so i hafta keep doing it over and over until it loads.
its a known problem, its because Windows 2000 Datacenter (the OS i run the tracker on for now) cant handle all connections...
ill install Windows Server 2003 sometime soon...
For downloading a movie with bittorent the last 2 times (today and yesterday) i had a problem error with connecting to tracker. 2 weeks ago i downloaded and it worked. Anyone else with the same problem at this time?
probabely everybody gets those errors from time to time... im working on it as we speak.

okay, im running the tracker now under Suse 9.1, lets see how that goes...
Re: Unable to connect to tracker?

my ip is, and it saids "Tracker down" for 2005.03.28 fifth gear, does that mean i need to use a proxy? Thanks
Thanks for your reply, yes I could view them via my IE, and I found that I couldn't download it using Shareaza
My IP is

my gatway is

Could it be blocked ?? :|

and .. Im using port 6500 for my client .. is that ok or i have to change it ?? :unsure:
no, i dont have protowall running at the moment, so there should be no problem.
And the tracker couldnt care less about what port you are using ;)
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