Unable to connect to tracker?

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problems with tracker.finalgear.com:6969/accounce

problems with tracker.finalgear.com:6969/accounce


I've read through most of the posts about this topic, have not understood everything. But here we go..

I cannot connect to the links in the very first post. My browser times out. I can however download most other torrents. Some topgear episodes DO download at tracker2 and windows.mouselike.org:6969/announce

My tracker reply when trying to start either is "contacting tracker" or "tracker timeout"

Sooo, anybody have an idea how I can download some of the episodes?


Mouselike aka tracker2 is currently down. I've let the owner of it know.
Tracker is back up. ;)
For 2x08, 2x09 and 2x10 of TG, the sole tracker is tracker.finalgear.com, which resolves to This specific IP (and not a range in which it's included) is listed on peerguardian's p2p list as "Bittorrent fakes". Mistaken identity? What's the deal?
Mistaken identity. The tracker is run by a friend of mine off his home connection.

And that shouldn't be the sole tracker. All the torrents should have tracker2.finalgear.com:6969 as a backup.
I figured it was just a mistake, even though it's listed by that specific IP. Thought I'd give a heads up to anyone else running peerguardian.

I think the other torrents for season 2 had tracker.finalgear.com and tracker2.finalgear.com, but 2x08-10 weren't showing tracker2. No big deal now, tho, since the first tracker is up.
I can't seem to connect to any of the torrents for season 1. Tracker is listed as tracker.finalgear.com, and according to Mininova it was last contacted 18 hours ago.
Yes, it was probably down for a bit. When I notice it's down, I change the DNS for t1 to the IP of t2 so Mininova doesn't remove our torrents.

T1 is back and running, so the DNS has been reverted and is working fine now: http://tracker.finalgear.com:6969/

BTW -- woot, Eugene! Fuck da Ducks tho, go Beavs! :p
Hi, just found this site, it's wonderful.

Anyway, I can't connect to the URLs in the first post here, and any torrents I load up don't start. I'm not sure how to find my IP address, can anyone help? (I'm using a Mac, by the way).

Thanks in advance. :)


Hmmm...I have a similar prob...with this error..."Problem connecting to tracker - <urlopen error (60, 'Operation timed out')>

Seems tracker 1 is down. I'll switch the DNS until it's back up.
I get a client version banned by the tracker error. I use Deluge and a python BT client, I'm on Linux.
Upgrade your version. Old versions are banned as they use lots more bandwidth.
Well we can always get Bigfoot to make an exception.
the sites at the 1st post working fine but i i write the ping thing in cmd .. all 4 tries = 100% loss ... and btw is BC v.70 blocked?? and do u guys have Mirc ch??
Uh, what?

And both trackers are up and working.
i can't connect my ip address is its says tracker response error and i am not authorized for use with this tracker help anyone
ohh i forgot for tracker2 its says 403 unexpected http status code.
I use bitcomet V 0.96
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