Unaired episode footage - The Blue Meanie

i dont know if anyone else saw, but it looks like theyre gonna finish the series off on TV. Last night i was quite surprised when i caught the end of Episode 4 of the Fourth Season from the brock tribute on Channel GO (nine's digital channel)
Harking back to the Blue Meanie segment, I used to know the guy, Peter ____, head of the lab department where I also worked, who formulated the blue colour of the paint. It was done at British Paints (owned by Berger) in Coburg, Melbourne. He showed it to me before it was released publicly. I wish I had some interesting anecdotes to tell, but it was so many years ago now I don't remember anything other than Brock was personally involved in the colour development.

As for the the other clips provided by TroyWK (thank you), I found I was enjoying the show. I had previously only felt medium about TGAus but in these clips I felt the team was really getting into its stride and finding its sweet spot. As channel 9 frequently does, they cancelled just before the show found its success.

In my view networks should stop employing programmers who make so many bad calls and replace them with people who understand the viewing audiences and what they want.
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