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unbelievable, schumi does it again!!!

justin syder

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Dec 8, 2003
New York, USA
1986 Mercedes-Benz 300E
5 in a row, schumi is fuckin invincible!!!

i hope he wins them all, partly cuz he has no competition this year, achieving that will propel him into immortal greatness-king of the F1 hill, and would force him to retire and let F1 actually be competitive.

i can see how ppl would see it as boring, him winning all the time and i do want to see him retire so there can be a better competitive season, but, BBUUUUUUUUUTTTTTT, the possibility of him winning 2 thirds of the races or even them all is pretty exciting.

so far, 5 races won, 13 to go, he needs 4 more to clinch the title. making 9 wins out of 18. you say, well, what if someone else wins the other 9 races, then i show you this reaction, :arrow: :lol: .

4 more wins then he is champ, who else is good enough to win 9 races, no one!! maybe barrichello but at the last second ferrari would order him to slow down so schumi can pass and take the win, :lol: 8) .

damn he kicks ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, I do want to see history being made with a single driver sweeping the entire season.

Rumor has it that Jacques Villeneuve may return with Williams next year, which means MS may have some competition for next year.
I completely hate F1 now.. it's so lame and boring... I miss the good old days when they had less aids and more good competiton
they are proposing makin the engines all spec, last 6 races
that should even out the playin field a bit
CanadianLoonie said:
The good old days was when Jacques Villeneuve was able to compete for wins.

I'll show my age here, but to me the good old days was Prost vs. Senna.
CanadianLoonie said:
The good old days was when Jacques Villeneuve was able to compete for wins.

I'll show my age here, but to me the good old days was Prost vs. Senna.

sadly I don't remeber Senna at all...
I've seen Senna and Prost live in action at Spa once.

After the race me and my brother went back to the pits area.
We got to see the cars from a couple of feet away.

Then we saw a minivan with Senna in the back drive right past us.
Couldn't have been more than one or two feet from us.
My brother flipped him off, because we were both Prost fans and Senna had won that race :lol: .
Senna! Somehow I feel he is better than prost. No idea why. It's juz like choosing a Evo or a WRX, I will take the WRX, no idea why.
senna has more records and got the same number of championships as prost, sennas a better racer in the rain, pretty much the best and he beat prost when they went head to head one season.
Grands Prix races:
Prost: 199
Senna: 161

World Championships:
Prost: 4 (1985, 1986, 1989, 1993)
Senna: 3 (1988, 1990, 1991)

Grand Prix Wins:
Prost: 51
Senna: 41

Podium finishes:
Prost: 106
Senna: 80

Prost: 798.5
Senna: 614

Pole Positions:
Prost: 33
Senna: 65

Fastest laps:
Prost: 41
Senna: 19
IIRC, Prost has 4 championships and Senna 3 (In my view this should have been Prost 5 and Senna 2).

In 1988 and 1989, the years that Prost and Senna were team mates and had comparable cars, Prost had more points than Senna.

In 1988, Prost had 11 more points than Senna but because they only counted 11 races out of the whole season, Senna was crowned world champion that year.
In 1989, Prost beat Senna and was world champion.

Here is an interesting site (there are a lot of biased opinions in there, but there are some facts as well):