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Aug 1, 2006
UK politics thread
The hunt for "Chatty Rat" and other rats abandoning HMS BoJo:

Robert Peston: Boris Johnson 'did make bodies pile high in their thousands' comment​

There is an incredible amount of hysteria and noise being generated by the conflict between Boris Johnson and his former chief aide, Dominic Cummings. So maybe it is useful for me to share what I know about three big claims:

1) the charge that the prime minister said he would rather see "bodies pile high in their thousands" than order a third lockdown (as reported in the Daily Mail); 2) the cabinet secretary Simon Case still believes Cummings may be the "Chatty Rat" who leaked details about November's lockdown (see this morning's Times); 3) the refurbishment of the prime minister's flat was originally to be funded by Tory party donors, even though on Friday the prime minister said he had been paying for it.

BBC censored?:

BBC slammed after rewording Boris Johnson's despicable 'let the bodies pile high' quote to sound far less damaging​

Alastair Campbell - “Peter Stefanovic’s video has had 12 million views. Every day he asks BBC why will you not play these clips of Johnson in Parliament lying at dispatch box. PM’s are meant to resign if they lie at dispatch box” BBC interviewer “Do people care?”

13 million views!!!!
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^Reminded me of the £3 billion or so worth of contracts awarded to his chums. Not sure if that includes the £1.5b for Palantir
So Dominic Cummings has gone rogue:

Dominic Cummings claims ministers backed herd immunity against Covid​

PM’s ex-adviser says if ‘competent’ people had been in charge at least two lockdowns could have been avoided


PM 'wanted to be infected with Covid on live TV, called virus Kung-Flu and was slow to act because he was on holiday with Carrie': Just some of the grenades Dominic Cummings will lob at Boris Johnson tomorrow​

"Lions led by donkeys over and over again" Dominic Cummings

Dominic Cummings says Boris Johnson ‘unfit for job’ of PM amid Covid crisis​

Former aide paints picture of media-obsessed PM and chaotic pandemic response in evidence to MPs

Dominic Cummings tells MPs Johnson ‘unfit’ to be PM​

front page newspaper collage

Crazy front page

Cummings texts show Boris Johnson calling Matt Hancock ‘totally hopeless’​

Former aide publishes 7,000-word essay attacking Johnson’s ‘chronic dysfunction’ and revealing PM’s scathing verdict on health secretary

On 13 March, as I was sketching the whiteboard above, the PM texted me, Hancock, Vallance and Whitty asking: how do we win the herd immunity argument?
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Even worse now:
Safe hands :wall:
Unlike Trump, I think Johnson's stupidity is a put on. Part schtick, part connection to the "commoner". I don't have them at hand, but I've read a few articles explaining better than I can. Someone like this in the US would be very dangerous.
Is everything ok Prime Minister?
Perhaps he was simply tired and emotional.
Perhaps he was simply tired and emotional.

Could be:
The New European has been told that the prime minister was asked how family life with his new wife and mother to his child Carrie Symonds was going. His reported answer, that he was experiencing “buyer’s remorse” over the union, astonished some of those present.

PM Boris Johnson to sue The New European over “buyer’s remorse” article… Not.​

UPDATED 13.30: Apparently they've changed their minds now.

Or his ex:

Jennifer Arcuri: ‘How Johnson pledged help for my business to win my love’​

I’ll be your throttle, he told Arcuri as mayor
Diaries could reopen misconduct inquiry

Maybe criminal misconduct?

Then there's the:

'Great train robbery': Eastern leg of HS2 scrapped as plans for Northern Powerhouse Rail downgraded​

MP paid £400k to phone in from Virgin Islands:

Revealed: the luxury BVI villa Geoffrey Cox stayed in while working second job​

The exclusive property by the sea, with infinity pool, where the Tory MP stayed to conduct his lucrative side-hustle

Sir Geoffrey thrown under the bus to cause a diversion.

So much sleaze:

Literally tried to set up a new standards committee to say sleaze wasn't corrupt!

And more: