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Conservative party confirms its director of campaigning has taken leave of absence​

The Conservative party has confirmed its director of campaigning Tony Lee took a leave of absence on Wednesday.

His wife, Laura Saunders, is being looked into by the gambling watchdog over an alleged bet on the general election date.

Election tomorrow:

General election 2024 poll tracker​


Keeping it in the family....

Jeffrey Donaldson sent for trial on sex offence charges​

A judge has ruled there is sufficient evidence for Sir Jeffrey Donaldson and his wife to face trial over historical sex offence charges.

The former Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) leader, 61, has appeared at a preliminary enquiry hearing in Newry Magistrates' Court.

He is accused of 18 offences involving two alleged victims.

The ex-MP is charged with rape, plus four counts of gross indecency and 13 counts of indecent assault.

His wife, Lady Eleanor Donaldson, 58, is a co-accused.
Tories misquoting financial journalist Martin Lewis again, in second unauthorized ad:

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Britain will not rejoin EU in my lifetime, says Starmer​

Labour leader also says he cannot foresee circumstances where UK would re-enter single market or customs union
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Farage supporter harassing widow of murdered MP Jo Cox

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Reform UK under pressure to prove all its candidates were real people​

Doubt raised about election hopefuls who stood without providing photos, biographies or contact details

More Than 130 Reform Candidates Ignoring Electoral Commission Rules on Anonymous Donations​

Candidates have raised tens of thousands for Nigel Farage’s party despite failing to explain how they will vet donors, amid claims the party doesn’t have ‘millionaire’ funders