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Uplands Area Planning SubCommittee Report (Enstone Airfield)


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Jun 7, 2004
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For your pleasure

SEE !! The Council reject the Enstone track

GASP !! As the Campinlogists moan at the noise (Bells are quiet ?)

WATCH !! As the Head of Planning forsees "Road Rage"

HORROR !! Home Workers will be "disturbed"

DEATH !! The "10 Concurrent cars" wil cause "Excessive atmospheric pollution and associated harm to health" and "harm to wildlife"

LAUGH !! As Mr Sharps found it "very difficult to follow the thread of the technical information supplied by the applicant" (feel free to offer some chewing gum in your bottom lip at this point - with a grunt)

You can find the Agenda here of the Meeting on 6th Feb

The Enstone Land Report here

Appendix 1

Appendix 2

And how about a map of the place ?
I see on here (http://www.westoxon.gov.uk/files/minutes/2151.pdf) that the Council dont need to be involved in the expansion of the RAF base.

I would suggest adding Andy Green, Land Speed Record Holder and RAF chappy, to join the Top Gear team, and build a new Top Gear track at Brize Norton :)
These reports were made back in early 2006, when all the NIMBYs were up in arms about having to live with possible car noise (having CHOSEN to live right next to an AIRFIELD with such quiet aircraft... Duh...) Some of their parish council reports from the same time are also availible for viewing here...


although, as you can see, Enstone folk are so community minded & on the ball with their quaint little village, it's life and all it's concerns, that nobody has bothered to update the records any further than April 2006.
No, sadley, no new Top Gear friendly airfield at Enstone at present. The kybosh was pretty well put on that during summer last year.

(SORRY for double posting)
Why dont they build a track in Jeremy's backyard or use the Isle of Man as the location?? Jezza's father in law is in charge there isnt he??
Jezza's father in law passed away some years ago, but was from the Isle of Man, as is his wife.
Jezza's father in law passed away some years ago, but was from the Isle of Man, as is his wife.

What I mean though is that his wifes family are like royalty on the island arent they??
There's loads of disused RAF basis round my neck of the woods, I'm sure one of them would suffice.
If the TG team want me to give them a tour one day, and assist in test driving some fast cars to establish sutability, they can send me a PM :)
This is absurd - worried about emissions and noise pollution on an airbase. There is only grass to kill, plus 10 conncurent cars causing too much pollution is absolutely laughable. Plant 5 trees, eat a cow, and its carbon neutral. Plus it provides that rally cars and 4x4s are okay, just not for filming and car testing. It reads like either a snipe specifically at TG being there or a disturbing account of totally irrational, misguided enviornmental alarmism.
They are just NIMBYs, and don't want Top Gear filmed there because they might get extra traffic past their door once a week. If you ask me, they could benefit by increased revenue once a week. I know The Sun at Dunsfold has bigger takings on a Wednesday, when TG is filmed. They also do catering for the crew from time to time.
There is no rational arguement to their 'concerns over noise levels' seeing as they all CHOSE to live by an AIRFIELD.
They honestly don't know what they are missing.
NIMBY = Not In My Back Yard BTW.
Selfish bunch of 'pseudo green' middle (fox hunting, shootin, fishing, hanging is too good for the working classes) Englanders.
Well they might not be but they might very well be. How about somewhere abroad, Ireland perhaps, they have a very positive view to such things?
so basically no real news? just some funny sarcasm?
The NIMBY's are sick....

1. they live next to an airfield, their problem not anyone elses.

2. They don't want the sound? My god, to me living next door to a symphony of Ferraris, Porsches and Pagani's would be like a guitar lover living next to claptons rehearsal space....

in other words...NIMBYS...STFU