US Midterm Elections 2022


Do you like Lauren Boebert?

CD-3 outstanding ballots breakout

+ 546 military & overseas

+ 1,411 misc. (mistaken county, random review)

+ 966 cured ballots returned

+ 2,570 ballots out to cure (signature didn't match)

5,493 total outstanding ballots

Adam Frisch will need 61% or more to prevail. Fill out this form to make a few calls to get rid of Boebert.

The grift must go on.

Very interesting review of post midterm autopsies by right wing "thinkers".

Tldr: just because voters don't like our culture war issues doesn't mean we shouldn't end democracy because we know better than them.

“The common good is the common good notwithstanding the will of the people,”
Get a fucking hobby!

In Colorado where no Republicans won top ticket seats and they nearly lost Boebert the chairwoman, which is under attack, complains about a MANDATORY RECOUNT because how close it was

The real reason is the crazies are coming for her
How the hell did he get elected?

Republican accused of lying about his background responds to NYT bombshell by blaming 'the left'​

Who Is Rep.-Elect George Santos? His Resume May Be Largely Fiction.​

How the hell did he get elected?

"Santos failed to disclose any assets or money in his bank accounts on his 2020 PFD, yet loaned his campaign more than $80,000, and has continued to self-fund his 2022 campaign – including a self loan of half a million dollars in the first quarter of 2022," The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) warned in August.

He was evicted not paying rent and has $500,000 to run for office?
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