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using mouse as joystick for games


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May 13, 2005
Vancouver, Washington
1976 BMW 2002
Is there anyway I can use my mouse to act like a joystick? The reason being that I have Sports Car GT on my laptop but it is almost impossible to play with just the arrow keys. SCGT doesn't really have much in the way of contoller options or calibration so I'm not sure how to do this.

by the way: I am using a USB mouse an my laptop is runing Windows ME
None that I know of. Isn't SCGT a pretty average game??
Im not sure what you mean by average. It is old and not to spectacular graphics. I basically play it when I get bored or if I go on trips becasueit's one of the only racing games that will runwell enough on my not-so-fast laptop.I can hardly complete a full lap using the keyboard with some of the faster cars. It's quite annoying
i played SCGT a lot back then and i found it to be well driveable with keyboard, unlike other games like GPL.

live for speed has a mouse steering already included, i don't know whether you can run your mouse as a joystick.