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same goes to Daniel and I was going to say Dr.Woo... but he just posted today so its cool... maybe he's too busy getting ready to go to Seattle :D
Well, I talk to Voodoo on MSN every once in a while...he's very busy with his current job...increased workload.. :(
Maybe he needs to keep his current job to pay for stuff until his job starts with Microsoft. He could also be really busy making arrangements for the move.
And what about the biggest PW? Daniel? Anyone seen him? Hanasand is his friend, right? Any news? After he went on some holidays he just vanished.
Yah I talked to Daniel a few times, his computer is fucked or something like that.
Kinda weird though...

But Voodoo just replied on MSN! :D HE IS ALIVVVVEE
oh guys that's so sweet.
What josty mentioned is true, I'm extremely busy with my current job (that I'm keeping to pay for stuff till relocation kicks in as chaos had already guessed) I'm working more than 12 hours a day and committed to at least 6 day weeks (last week I worked all 7 days)
Relocation should be in october, I'm finalizing my h1 visa paperwork currently.

I really miss you too guys and can't wait to be back and active again.

I'm really really touched. :oops:
Glad to hear from you. :thumbup:
And glad to know your plans are going fine.
awesome v0od0o... glad to hear from you :thumbsup: ... I thought you were relocating in August though?... did it get pushed to november now?
jason, ditched you? :x goin to MS won't change me u know :x

The move will be in october probably cuz I will be goin on an h1-b visa, these are issued in limited number every year by US government on the 1st of october, so mine is one of the next year's numbers (last year's numbers all were gone same day they were available, october 1st) So my visa will be effective starting october 1st, which means I can't enter the US any earlier than 20th september (yes 10 days earlier, it's possible)

And yeah I'm still a gearhead!! Always have and always will, see my blog for proof :lol: 8)

I do miss you guys a lot and I really hope I can get back very soon, wish me luck!