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Vauxhall Frontera


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Sep 7, 2004
Bradford, UK
Vauxhall's next large off-roader is lurking beneath this testbed. The platform will be shared with other General Motors' partners, including Saturn, Pontiac, Buick and Chevrolet, whose S3X concept presaged the face of the Frontera replacement at the Paris motor show last autumn. The S3X design study was over 4600mm long (15 feet-plus), and could seat seven, but based on these photos, we'd be surprised if the rearmost seats were anything other than fold-down optional items. The ageing Frontera came in three- and five-door form, but we don't expect a three-door for the second-generation model, much less a 205bhp clod-hopper such as the Frontera 3.2 Sport. If the current trend towards big and opulent off-roaders is anything to go by - think Nissan Pathfinder and new Disco - anticipate lots of high-tech infotainment and space for the kids. Four-wheel-drive will almost certainly feature, though on-road performance should be paramount for the next Frontera if it's to compete with the modern crop of Japanese rivals.




Nooooooooo, no more SUVs please. Lets get rid of most of the useless ones.
1st frontera WAS isuzu rubish and it was useless, now new one must be a copy from somewhere :D
Oh God! It looks terrible allready. They better make it good cos it'll get rebadged here as a Holden Jackaroo (which was rubbish).
Why do manufactures just build cars for the sake of it. Theres no real thought in it and all they do is clog up the roads. Well done Vauxhall, a sound effort. :no: .
lol that is so ugly :thumbsdown:
From the front looks like Freelander, Big Freelander! :)
From the back, looks like Korean shit, Big shit! =)
Oh God, doesn't anybody think it looks like the new GM Cross-Over Minivans? lol The Montana SV6, Buick Terraza and the Chevy Uplander? lol hahahahahahahahahaha :bangin: