Veyron around TG track after the world cup?


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Nov 22, 2005
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I searched and it doesnt seem anything has been posted about this since mid-may with expectation of how it would perform on the tg track, but after reading the veyrons wiki page

i noticed this in trivia

The Veyron has finally been tested around the ""Top Gear"" track, by The Stig. It will be shown in the next episode after the world cup

Im hoping that there is truth in this :thumbsup:

(apologies if this is a repost)
Ooohh exciting. Perhaps Stigs learning Italian has been building up to this (yes I know Bugatti is technically French).
New piece of news though.
Finally!!! :thumbsup:

It's about time they show the Veyron's test. That whole thing about Bugatti not letting them test it was just stupid. It's the most eagerly awaited test of all, they should have shown it already... I sooo wanna know how it did.
Whoohoo! about a bloody time! :thumbsup:
whether is new news or not i cant wait to see how it does :)

POWER!!! rofl

-- Ez
usually the power laps take place the same day the episode is filmed - usually why the SIARPC have the same weather conditons as the power laps.
Wikipedia...the online encyclopedia that ANYONE can edit...

Personally I wouldn't mind waiting for the 1250 hp version of the Veyron. On the other hand, they should feature it every episode.
Can't wait to see the Veyron up close on the track with JC behind the wheel. I dought he'd give it full throttle though...he'd be too pussy because of the massive g-forces you can experience.

Also can't wait to see Tiff drive it!

Ultra_Kool_Dude said:
We actually discussed it more than a year ago. :lol:
Hehe I remember the hell did it get that long? :huh:
I wonder if the koegnegeigengesabcd's new record spurred them into action.
I don't think Tiff will ever drive the Bugatti - maybe they don't let him drive this car because he would prefer crashing into the wall with an rwd car to driving an awd car ;-)
As for the lap - would be nice if this news would be true. I still think the Veyron will beat every other car - even if its slow in the corner - at the end of the corner there are 1000 bhp and awd to push you out... But we already discussed this...

Jan :)
i doubt they'll show the lap time his season:
TG have a tradition of breaking their lap record once each season.
S03-murcielago rerun
S04-carrera GT
S05-Ferrari Enzo
S06-Maserati MC12
S07-Pagani Zonda F
S08-Koenigsegg CCX (with TG wing)
next season there won't be a car to break the current record, there is nothing that fast on the way. so TG will let the veyron break the lap record next season.

p.s. ^what i said is relevant only if the veyron really is the fastest round the track.