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veyron first drive


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Jan 5, 2005

AMS chief editor Bernd Ostmann has been the first mag tester that had the pleasure to ride 400+ in the EB 16.4 Bugatti Veyron at VW test course Ehra-Lessien...

some impressions what he said about that day...

the track has been kinda damp in the morning, kinda scary at 400km/h, so 111m/sec without crash barries like in Nardo, well not really, rear wing setup to 2? so 40 to 50kg downforce at rear axle engineers promise that this?ll be enough for a smooth ride even on wet pavement...
through the first corner with 220 easily - absolute brutal accelerating up to 300 within seconds a light left hand bend with 380 - looking into the rear mirror - just an enormous spray but just like they told the EB16.4 is a very smooth car to ride even at that speeds...
the sepcial Michelin tires are working just perfect, they were tested up to 500km/h and before a high speed run they require 3bar pressure - this is one of the points the driver has to go through with a check list and a second car key to unlock the high speed mode - here the two front diffusor flaps are closed, the rear wing selects 2? and the body is lowered to 6.5cm front and 7cm rear a sepecial system is monitoring everything and when only one parameter is not ok the car automatically switches to handling-mode...
the first run ended with "only" 380km/h - the car switched to handling because the exhaust temperatures reached critical 970?C - cooling down the car at 220 or 5000rpm in 4th gear...
the weather gets better, it?s much warmer now and engineers force the AMS team to "act" - next run 398km/h - this time it?s the driver?s fault as he has enabled the A/C on the previous cooling lap costing some km/h on that fast run - so again a cooling lap and then full concentration on the last run with nearly 400 the rpm showed 5800 in 7th gear, now it shows 6200rpm at a speed of 402km/h ...

braking is again a new experience 31.4m (!!!) from 100 to 0 with a 1950kg car...

on the other hand acceleration is also outstanding - measured 25m long black rubber from all four wheels after the standard sprint with launch-control - result: 2.5sec to 100 and 7.3 to 200 :shock:

on a side note - at 400 km/h the EB16.4 needs ONE liter fuel for ONE kilometer so they calculated every 12min a gas station on autobahn when driving 400 km/h

Credits go to rs6.com (article is in German)
Damn 2.5sec for 0-100 that is going to take neck mucles of a f1 driver
It has begun! The ascension of the ultimate supercar.
I kinda like the sound of the "Special speed mode unlocked with the a special key" ! :woot: ...Cant wait to see it on TG !!!
wonder if it can go any faster, surely it redlines higher than 6200 rpm.

very impressive beast

That thing is going to kill more rich people then cocaine! :lol:
Dunno... Its fucked up, that you need a second key for the 400km/h thing. Without that it will be "only" in Handling mode and doing 375km/h.
That is a lot, yeah, but the Koenigsegg and Mclaren F1 and various other car that have lined up will do more than that.

Some things not mentioned in the short description above:
If you brake in the topspeed mode, it automatically engages the Handling mode. So its useless to call it a 400 km/h car, because it is impossible to achieve it on a non closed street.
You cannot engage Topspeed mode while driving. You have to stand still, and after it has been engaged you have to get out of the car (dunno if it has sensors in the seats, doesn't say anything about it in the article) and check if the aerodynamic changes have been made...

I must say, the data sheet is unbelievable, and its THE quickest car in the world, but its only a techonolical demo, IMO, and the guys who buy it (they are struggeling to sell the second half they will make...Last time I heard) are plain stupid.

Well this car sure is a technological masterpiece in someways, but maybe it is just to impractical to be successful?
And a bit on the pricy side...

It would be Illegal to use the full accelerative force of this car for anything more than 2.5 or so seconds, You would be commiting felony wreckless driving at 5 seconds, beauty.
...i do wonder why it does nothing for me... it just leaves me cold.


Probably the badge. This car has nothing to do with what EB had become (remember the EB110SS?) I like'd that car. Most people did, blame the 90 recession for its failure.

This thing is just so naff. Its not in my fantasy car garage.
Some more info:
The man instrument with a range from 0 to 1001 shows the actual power available at the wheels. "It takes only 270 bhp to achieve a speed of 250 km/h," says technilcal director Wolfgang Schreiber, one of 3 people who have taken the 16/4 Veyron to its limits so far.

"The Veyron exceeds all expectations" added the engineer. The engine produces 3000 hp but it takes 1000 hp to cool it, another 1000 hp get lost by heat and gas emissions and the remaining 1001 bhp are available at the wheels.

1250 Nm from 2200 rpm, even in 3rd gear all 4 wheels would spin in the wet if the ESP would be switched off. "It is forgiving and easy to handle but deserves a lot of respect."

The arodyminc set-up, the relatiosnhsip between drag coeffiecient and downforce has to be changed completely to achieve a top speed of +400 km/h, the drag coefficent comes to Cw=0.36 and it produces nearly no downforce in front and just 40 kgs in rear.

In handling mode up to 375 km/h the wings and diffusors produce a downforce of 150 kgs in front and 200 kgs in rear. As the Mercedes SLR, the Veyron also comes with an air brake as the rear wng flips up vertically producing 300kgs of downforce at the rear and so an decellartion of 0.6g to come to halt.

The Veyron has 4 water coolers, 2 intercoolers for the turbos and two larger ones for the engine coolant. The ideal temperature to reach the top speed of 400 km/h is between 18 and 28 degrees Celsius. In city traffic, the rear wings flips up into cool-down position and the 16/4 Veyron is surrounded by clouds of heat, gas, dust and smell. The air is flickering as if the Veyron is a Fata Morgana.

The Veyron covers the whole range form 40 to 400 km/h comfortably, all parameters of the suspension can be adjusted, the groudn clearance ranges from 115 to 35 mms.

The Veyron is fitted with Michelin PAX-tyres in the dimesion of 265/35 R 20 in front and 365/25 R 21 in rear.

A 1-million Euro Playstation!
Why? It always feels like driving in a virtual universe.

The kerb weight: 1950 kgs !!!
0-100 km/h in 2.5 secs.* (like Valentino Rossi?s Yamaha!)
0-200 km/h in 7.3 secs.* (like Micheal Schumacher?s F2005)
0-300 km/h in 16.7 secs.* (like starship USS Enterprise)

transmisison: 7-speed DSG with paddles

fuel consumption:
av. 20 liters per 100 km
100 liters per 100 km at top speed!
max range = 100 km at top speed, a new record!

"300 km/h is nothing for the Veyron, there still is enough power to achieve 380 km/h easily. But it takes 55 secs. to accelerate from 380 to 405 km/h."

Vmax = 111 meter per second!,
the engines revs 6000 rpm in 7th gear,
tyre pressure raises from 3.0 to 3.5 bar in within 15 secs.
it would take another 8 bhp just to achieve 1 km/h more.

"In the beginning there was chaos. The fuel amount made available by the fuel pumps was just enough to achieve 650 bhp, we had to develop complete new fuel pumps and modern knock sensor technology. There were problems with the drive shafts losing the grease."

How many cars are sold?
the figures vary from 30 to 40 units, means that another 10 still will be available for 2006. No potential customers so far had the chance to test drive the car.
Damn, 2/3rds of the engine power is lost. Thats insanse, but this probably holds true for all other combustion engine in some form. If I remember correctly, combustion engines are only about 29% efficient.
Man, you really copy and paste Jabbas World...

@jayjaya29: remember, Jezza said that the SLRs supercharger needs 120 hp just to run itself... So I guess you are right with that...

The whole thing simply has 1001 hp, the rest is just for posing...
Yeah, I just read in my textbook that only 10% of gas's chemical energy is converted to mechanical energy in a combustion engine, the rest is lost to heat and other things. I'm not sure which is right. 29% sounds right to me.
^^ I already admitted it is an unbelievably powerful car. I admit that it is a masterpiece of engineering. I admit it looks better than I thought it would, BUT:
This car can never be cool... I guess you are one of the reasons "our" coolwall was a disaster...

And my opinion stands: Its not a 400 km/h car in my book, since you have to follow the procedure and use the second key. Bullshit.


//Guess, I'm gonna get flamed BAD...
It's extremely fast, flash, and expensive, it will be the ultimate poseur car.