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Video Capture


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Mar 22, 2005
Hong Kong <> Vancouver
As my exam is finished (actually not yet, there's 1 more day to go),
I'm planning to buy a video capturer, and MAYBE I can get some WRC shakedown for you guys. ( I do not guarantee at this moment )

The main concern is wether my computer is capable of this tough job. :p
This is my com's spec :

Intel Pentium 4A 2.0
512MB DDR Ram
Intel i845G motherboard
GeCube RADEON 9600 SE Game Buster (128 MB)
an a 40GB HD....

If this spec is enough for the job, then I'm going to buy a video tuner or a TV Box, whatever it calls, that has a Video input. I have no idea which brand to buy, but that capturing device I'm going to buy must be using USB 2.0, because my PCI slots are full.

Any ideas?
Which model is good?
How much does it cost? (I'm not going to spend more than USD70!)
The capturing itself doesn't take too much resources. It's the editing that needs a lot of power. If I were you, I would buy an extra and much larger HD, maybe upgrade the memory (512->1024MB). Keep in mind, that when you capture, the amount of power needed depends on bitrates and stuff. Try to capture on a secondary HD, so your primary one (with OS on) doesn't get affected too much in speed.
And I could suggest Pinaccle for tv-cards, but its known they have (had?) software problems or something. Also depends on how much money you're willing to spend.

Greetz Johan
I suggest Pinnacle Video cards as well... my dad bought a DVcapture card the other day in Wanchai Computer Center.... as freerider said... 40gb is not going to be enough if you want to capture video...
i suggest another 512MB of memory, and pinnacle is pretty good too.
the 512 now I'm using is the highest that my motherboard support.
Once I asked my friend to lend me a identical 512mb ddr ram and fit it on the my motherboard, it just gives a beep and doesn't start.

Perhaps I have to upgrade the whole dam* thing. :oops:

btw, cards... do you mean PCI cards? I have no slots left, I must go for USB or else it's out of the question.

Maybe I'll get a new PC in August, hopefully.