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Video cutting thingy


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Nov 12, 2004
BMW M235i
Hey there...

I just wanted to edit a couple of game scenes I recorded... Stupid Moviemaker keeps on crashing all the time, PLUS it doesn't do what it is supposed to and I want it to. Anybody could give me some advice for a good proggy???

You've been PM'ed, didn't post the direct linky, because it may be warez related ;)

JFuse 3.0.3:
Jfuse allows you to merge Media Files together, split them into smaller files, and provides an organizational interface to keep track of all of your media files with the ability to play them through your favorite media player. The merging feature allows you put movie files together so they can be viewed as one complete clip. It will combine the smaller files together to make one large file. Most video content is presented on the web in several smaller, sequential clips. Jfuse eliminates the need to have to view a movie in ten or fifteen different parts. JFuse is compatible with both MPEGs and AVIs. JFuse also splits large media files into smaller files. Simply choose the file you want to split, select the number of files it should be split into, and give them a base name, and click a button. It is an extremely quick and simple way to split files for galleries, storage issues, or any other reason. Splitting is compatible with MPEG and MP3s.
Anybody has an advice for a proog that also can do transitions and audio dubbing??

Adobe Premiere would be top-of-the-class editing software and Ulead Videostudio would be my pics. Both commercial software, though(which means google or P2P being the keys).

I think Virtualdub should also do the trick(apart from neat transition effects), it's freeware and it's pretty light on your system. On the other hand, it's tricky to use.
I know VD pretty good since a couple of years... Back in the Divx 3.11 encoding times... :woot: I only plan to use it on cutting the source files as the result should be more accurate

I'm now trying Magix burning to CD/DVD as I just read a Test about it where it was first in usability and speed...

Sony Vegas is as good as Premiere in my opinion.

If you want a simple to use program that is rock solid stable then I'd try Sony Screenblast Movie Studio - it's a cut down version of Vegas.
I'ver given up on the idea... But thanks anyways!

Pinnacle Liquid 6 is meant to be one of the best around at the moment, though I tend to use Vegas at home and Premiere at uni.