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Video Games!!!


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Jun 30, 2005
Bay area, California
'03 Civic Si
What video games do you play, and why?

And does anyone play World of Warcraft and Counter Strike?
I like Age of Empires II because I like strategy, and Dance Dance Revolution because it makes everyone look funny when they play it. :)
I LOVE Singstar... ;-) Mostly when I'm drunk, though.

And LFS and the NFS series and lots of other racing games... Except Juiced which is the worst game ever made...

\/ and GT4
battlefield 2, richard burns rally, live for speed, tony hawk 2-3 (don't care for the newer ones, too fast and arcade-ish), pirates!
Games i play atm are GTA:SA have alot more but for pure time waste value nothing beats just driving around when u have completed everything..
First, wrong section.


LFS, GT4, GTA: SA are those I play ATM.

usually my playlist is 100% car games. THat's the only way to go! :twisted:
my list:
but i dont have much time to play sadly...
Currently? Because the best game I had was Red Alert. I also prefer games on the SNES platform vs. what's on the market now. Maybe it's more because the experience has changed along with my age and frame of reference.

On PS2....which I haven't used in a while, I play GT4 and San Andreas. That's really it.