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Video offers/request section changed place?


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Oct 4, 2004
Not that its of any significance, but so far the request section used to be above the offers section.

Now they seem to have switched places. Not that it really matters, but just out of curiousity, how comes? :)

It's because you touch yourself at night.

It's not me, I bet Viper did... I could change it back but then again I guess he did it for a purpose..
Yeah, I switched it. I noticed how it was the other day and it looked off to me. Personally, I think it makes sense to put offers on top, but I can put it back if people prefer it the other way.
It's also properly alphabetized... ;)

leave it to viper to make the proper changes such as alphabetizing the threads
lol, it had nothing to do with alphabetical order, it was just I liked offers above requests. :p
Man that confused me - I just came to report it too - then found this lovely thread.

I prefer the original order:

Make a request,
Get an offer.

But seriously, it really doesn't bother me that much.
I'm with viper on this one, looks like its supposed to now.
I figure most people are gonna look for a video to download rather than to go and request one.
I could never notice it. I just use the "View posts since last visit" button. :p
I'm a true forumer, I browse and click on every thread...

HARDCORE F0RUM Skillz!!!111!!!!1
SiR_dude said:
Renesis said:
I'm a true forumer, I browse and click on every thread...

HARDCORE F0RUM Skillz!!!111!!!!1

x2...even if I don't read it thoroughly, I still go one by one.....

x3... categorizing is so much easier to comprehend.
EDIT: Look at all the skillz coming out of Canada, eh!