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video player

Mirage coupe

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Feb 3, 2005
what is the best digital video player to get? one that will play most/all of the video files on the net and one that has upgrades for it or codecs etc. preferably free too :)
I have found PowerDVD to be quite good it can play stuff my other players cant and when Image / audio gets out of sync on other players it works on PowerDVD

You can get it free @ download.com
^^ You can? But its a Trial, right? It costs like 30 Euros in Germany...

Anyway, if you would have done a search, only in the technology subforum, you would have found 3 threads or even more, telling you that VLC (video lan client) plays just about everything, because it has built in codecs...
Or, you could get something like BSplayer, which I mostly use, or simply the media player classic.
But you should be aware, that not the player actually shows you the video, filters and codecs do, so make sure you got a good codec pack (really, just search...) or gt ffdshow, which is a nice filter that will play most h.263 and h.264 stuff... I think...

I use BSPlayer, it plays everything and works fine.
BSPlayer is very nice. Depending on what you are looking for there is also VLC. Both BSPlayer and VLC support nearly every type of video around.
BSplayer or VLCplayer... BS is easier to use and plays 90% of my files... VLC will play EVERYTHING... including ISOs and BINS from DVD rips or semi corrupted Video... it's just not nearly as user friendly

VLCplayer site

BSplayer site

Again, bsplayer can only play the file, if you have the codec for it, you can find that out with gspot.
VLC, uses a linux derived codec library, and therefore plays just about everything...