Ownership Verified: Viper's 2008 Dodge Viper SRT-10 (A 17+ Year Dream Come True!)

Well done, what a beautiful car!

Love that color and I think the wheels look very well on it.

Also, very brave having someone video you the first time you drove the thing. Now THAT could have been a really bad youtube moment.

Enjoy driving it and good luck.

Well damn, it actually happened... :blink:
We need someone new to pick on now... :(

Congratufuckinglations, man. Just be smarter than I was, for flying fuck's sake!
Whoah! Must be an incredible feeling to finally realize a dream! :)
It's always a good feeling to have realised a dream like this...enjoy the moment, Viper.

Take it easy on those rear tires, though; if you're a literal child like I am, they won't last long! :burnrubber:
Awesome car, and a nice colour too! :)

Now you just need to buy a spare set of rear tires, so you dont end up like Clarkson in his SLS :p
I think the hood needs more holes :p

They're bigger than previous years due to the bigger engines and I can assure you they are 100% functional. When driving, you can see the distortion from all of the heat pouring out of those vents.

Hear that? That's the sound of a thousand treehuggers crying in terror.


I actually drove past a couple Nissan Leafs (all electric) and thought to myself that I was using all of the fuel that they weren't. :lol:
Congratulations Viper on finally getting your Alex... no wait... :p
The car looks fantastic. :)

FinalGear, I am disappointed.
Ah, but I was watching carefully and noticed there are in fact TWO chicks. They come out of the woodwork now, apparently.
Ah, but I was watching carefully and noticed there are in fact TWO chicks. They come out of the woodwork now, apparently.

Yes, and one of them asked, when the car wasn't starting, if it was in 'Park'.
The one holding the camera is my step-mom, my youngest sister was briefly in the video, and my mom was the one joking and giving me a hard time about it not being in park.
No proof pics? I allege that all of this, including the Hollywood production quality video, are faked! Note that you cannot see stars in the sky in any of the pictures.

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You have to be a complete nutcase to buy a car like that :p

So how is it to drive?
So how is it to drive?

The amount of grip is insane, as is how effortlessly it accelerates. I got on it a bit today and was doing 80-90 mph before I realized it!
Whoah, 80-90 mph, that's lightspeed! :p

Oh, wait, I do regularly 120+ mph, completely legal. :tease: Yes, with a Viper I'd do regularly 160+ mph and would be much quicker up to that speed, but then again a full tank of a Viper costs the equivalent of 160$ over here...