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VLC player


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Feb 18, 2004
Some of my JC and Top Gear clips won't play on WMP so I resort to VLC. But whenever I try to play a clip on VLC player, my computer automatically restarts. I've tried uninstalling VLC and re-installing it, but the problem never goes away. Weird, eh? Know how to fix the problem, or know any other good media players that will play almost anything?
I've never had a problem with watching any videos in WMP... either there are errors within the video that prevent you from watching them, or you don't have the codecs installed. I just got ffdshow (do a google search for it) and it covers basically all video codecs out there.
that vlc prob is a tricky one

all u need is divx and xvid to play TG and FG that vuk rips
Try Zoomplayer....it?s similar to VLC in the way that it plays nearly everything
just use WMP, install as many codex as u'll find and it will play anything
Are you using the newest version of VLC? Have you got an old version you can try installing? It may be there is a bug that is causing your computer to blue-screen. But if you have Windows XP, by default Windows prevents the blue screen of death by restarting - which may be what is happening.
It could be they've implemented a new 'feature' that your computer doesn't like. If possible, try and install an alternative version of VLC.
FYI, I've never had any problems with VLC. If the problems persist, Media Player classic is a good alternative... (as someone has already suggested)
Don't overload WMP with codecs - I've always found this just makes it unstable. Only install the codecs you need...