A vodka called Heavy Water with something that looks like fuel rod in the middle? Me want!
The one that I drink the most is Tito's. Its made in Austin, TX...but is the best and smoothest I have tried. I have served it (I am a bartender at a country club) side by side with grey goose and nobody could tell them apart.
I can't remember all of the brands that I've tried, but my favorite Vodka of those that I have is Ciroc...either straight or mixed.
On my UK trip last fall I discovered Zubrowka, a Bison grass Vodka from Poland. Delicious (and this coming from someone who didn't think he would ever enjoy Vodka again after abusing the thing many many years ago)!


I was surprised to see that it was available in our state owned liquor store back in Montreal, albeit in a slightly different bottle:


Edit: Just saw that bone already mentioned that one

last year i went to poland, and had some glasses of subrowka
(that's a straw of grass in the bottle)

that tasted so good, it had the feel in your mouth almost as a liquor, not as liquid as normal vodka
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My personal favorite is Polar Ice


I found it on a trip to Canada several years ago. It wasn't until much later that they started importing it to the U.S. When I first found it here I asked the clerk how long they had had it in stock, he said 4 hours. Now it has become hard to find again. Thankfully my local store has it.

The problem is of course that it totally disappears when mixed, which led to me downing a liter in a couple of hours...that did not end well. It's not that good straight though.
For me, and for a lot of drinking buddies, there can only be one winner:

It goes down like an elixir from gods.
I just saw at Walmart - Vodka Skyy Passion Fruit. I'm very tempted...

I love Nestea Passion Fruit. Therefore, passion fruit flavored vodka should be