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Volkswagen Bora


Apr 9, 2005
Velp(gld), The netherlands
here is my bora, first I wanted to create it a bit import and clean, but then I had created it german style with lumma bodykit
aand it was for the pt.nl contest and i'm on the 2nd place :D


sorry for the bad english

btw nice skin now on the forum :thumbsup:
looks really good and i like it ... nice job! :thumbsup:

edit: very clean and smooth ... only bug i found is that the door handles look a bit toonish but it really doesnt decrease your job's value and as i said its cool and i really like it ... i just wanted to mention, and hopefully u dont mind some critic! :mrgreen:
not as cool as this one IMO ..

haz said:
Although I hate ricers, this is an exeption. I like it!

then I saw this! Love the cab version of the BI-Turbo:

The Chop Looks Good, and I think Chino has used a better body kit than the other Bora, So I think the PS is Better, (No Offence, Haz), IMO the Eyelids dont look so good and i dont mean they are not perfect, I mean as a concept I wouldnt like to have such headlights, if I were to get a Bora pimped :) But thats just my taste !!!
non taken :) (it's not my car, I must say :))