Volkswagen Golf by Dahlback Racing (2.1 liter I5, 600-900hp)


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May 21, 2004
Frankfurt, Germany
Golf IV 2.0
Hey you drive a T3 syncro - very cool. I have driven some of the last remaining ones in the German Army and they are fantastic. High ground clearance, differential locks, its really capable offroad, even without looking like it ^^
And its great fun to drive sitting on top of that huge steering wheel with that huge gearlever attached to a bowl of pudding. :thumbsup:
They got replaced with AWD VW T5s and Merc Vitos, but imho they dont have the same spirit (they dont fail that often, though ^^)


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Nov 17, 2004
The Netherlands
ArosaMike said:
Yes...I'm well aware of that and have seen the EIP dyno runs with it on a 2wd dyno, but you'd be nuts to run the car like that on the road (especially with 450bhp) and tbh, I did secifically say 'did you have the 4wd conversion done?'. Sticking the Haldex circuit fuse back into the fusebox doesn't count as a conversion to me as the car comes standard in 4wd. I was trying to catch him out because I know HPA in Canada do a 4wd conversion for the 2.8 GTI over there in the states.
Oh, ok ;) I fell for the big screaming ' there is NO WAY YOU COULD HAVE RUN IT IN FWD "For a week"' I guess :D