Volkswagen ID 3 - 2020

Honest question: have there been any of these car "features as a service" subscriptions that *weren't* available to purchase outright if you wanted? I saw an article about the new Audi A3 having a bunch of subscriptions...but then the article also mentioned that you could just buy them and never be bothered.
that is actually a very good question - to which I don't have an answer for and can currently not be bothered spending research on :D

addition: what about subscriptions whose outright buying price is so ridiculous it might as well not exist? thinking specifically of teslas FSD scam that's currently going for like 10k$ or something? ... I guess there's still people buying it rather than trying the (still ridiculously expensive) monthly sub and ditching it again after the first month :|
I'm torn. Mood lighting seems like the sort of feature that not everyone would want, but it also seems like the sort of thing that's just a standard feature because why would anyone pay to have some different light settings?

Heated seats and such would be a completely different issue, because lots of people want those.
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are subscriptions for such features really news to you? everybody's been doing that for a while now... actually, that's amazing! I would've loved to not know about that particular bullshit until now :|
Nothing that bad