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Nov 22, 2004
Stirling, Scotland
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Decided that 'd post some of my recipes for you alll to see. These will be mostly meat dished but will include some baking and soups.

Something simple to start. Beef burgers.


Beef mince
Salt and peeper
Dried basil
Tabasco sauce
Worcestershire Sauce

1: Remove mince and start to mush together by hand so it becomes like a dough ball

2: Add 2 teaspoons of Tabasco, 1 teaspoon of WS and season with basil salt and peeper. Mix together by hand

3: Form into shape of burger. I got 2 but you may get more with more beef or 1 big bugger

4: Place onto a ht frying pan with NO OIL. The beef has enough fat as it is.
5: Flip burgers every few minutes to ensure a even fry.

6: Serve
Thanks for this.

I made it today for lunch and it was very tasty indeed :)
I might have to give this a go, I've got to learn how to cook before I head off to uni
I like just picking up a bag of Burger Patties for $10. Not bad for a dozen 1/4lb patties eh? Normally I'd grill them but living in an apartment, i just open the patio door, hit the hood fan, and Pan-Fry them with my Iron Skillet, a Little Butter, and a Little Salt. I usually place some cheese on in the last bits of cooking just until it gets a little melty, then remove and sit it on a towel. while the pan is still hot I'll throw a pad of butter in and toast me a bun. it'll soak up the juices, the butter, and the excess salt. tastes fantastic!
I would like to add that while cooking. DO NOT press the burgers into the pan. It simply squeezes all of the juice out of them and you get a much drier burger.