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Vuk is gonna be gone! :(


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Sep 21, 2003
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Update: We've figured out what we're gonna do. For details, read the news post: http://www.finalgear.com/news/2005/11/07/vuk-is-going-to-be-out-of-town/

Vuk said:
m8, i am going away next sunday the 13th, obviously i cannot release TG as normal but I will record and release when I come back on 26th
So, any ideas as what we should do? Should we work on a replacement for that time and train them well, or should we just release / re-encode scene rips? The 2nd would be easiest if we can't quickly find another source.

Overheat - how's your quality these days? Doing all digital rips yet?
Mega :(

We gotta find us a backup anyways, this can happen from time to time, and what if Vuk has a cable box problem or something anyway?
I'll go have a play now - my process is entirely digital as far as I can see but I currently can't seem to get it in 16:9 - I'll report back shortly.

***EDIT - No progress. Should I still rip anyway? I don't really want the hassle if you're just going to use another source.
Perhaps just capture it as a backup in case the other source has problems too?
I say Overheat should record them if he's willing to.

There's nothing as good as being independant, I don't like to have to rely on other sources!
I think I can survive if I have to watch a "non-VUK" rip too, as long as I get my weekly dose of cars :)
If Overheat is willing to do it, than it's good to have a backup. Otherwise, I can survive 1-2weeks delay, the world is not gonna stop spinning if we miss 5th gear for a week. :)
dude, we're talking about TG here...

and if the world doesn't stop spinning, I'll fucking nuke it if I don't get my TG! :lol:
It does not really matter what kind of quality it is since I will release them all on 26th

Sorry about this
Vuk, so will you still be capturing the episodes that air during your absence and just release them later, or am I not getting this right ?

I'm confused :?
As painful as this will be, I am certainly willing to wait till the 26th for VUK's quality rips instead of d/ling the 700mb versions!
Well, since it sounds like Overheat can't get proper 16:9 working, I was just planning on re-encoding a 700MB scene rip to 350MB and torrenting it up.

However, I didn't realize Vuk would still be capturing tho while he was gone. Perhaps we just link to the 700MB rips until the 26th for those who don't wanna wait and then release Vuk's when he gets back...
why? reencoding isn't such a PITA... I say it's worth it since it's TG.

The demand will be there!
I say give it a poll! It is a democratic forum, at least sometimes ...