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VW Polo lifting its rear wheel off the track in some episode


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Jan 22, 2005
I remember some episode of Top Gear where a light, powerful car drives around the track and lifts off it's rear wheel in corners. Now I wonder what car that was (I remember some red VW Polo but that can be all wrong) and in which episode that was? Somebody has an idea?

thank you!
The car you are looking for is the Renault Clio Sport Cup, and was featured in episode [04x06] (13/06/2004)

Although, while particularly pronounced on the Clio, you will find that phenomena on most sporty front wheel drive setups. Even some 4WD setups read: Lancer Evo.
It was indeed this Renault Clio I was looking for, thank both of you very much! (great memory!).

My memory isn't that great it seems, as it isn't a polo but a clio, not a VW but a Renault, and not red but blue :bangin:
There was a red Golf GTi on last season, that may have been scrambling your thoughts...