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Lazier than Viper
Nov 27, 2003
Quebec, Canada
2007 BMW Z4 3.0 SI
My ISP just bumped my limits of download and upload!

They added 5Gb in each :D

So nowI have 20Gb d/l and 10Gb u/l per month!

I also get a greater speed than before! I'm topping at around 450kb/s (340 before) and I heard my uplaod is near 100kb/s now (was 40) but I don't have any ftp to try it.

Anyway I'm very happy! 8) All that for free! w00t!
I almost like having a speed cap instead of bandwidth cap. Even on my slow connection, I download and upload more than your limit a month. :lol:
I think I've had a few months where I've gotten close to 20GB of downloads with my 56k limited connection :).
Before I was limited, I had upwards of 30GB :mrgreen: .
(I put my DVD-RW to good use :) )
I'm not into warez, so my download are mostly 5th and Top gear vids :wink:

I much prefer speed over limit. Quality over quantity!
I'm not into warez either, and I'd like to think it's quality AND quantity for me :mrgreen: .
yeah, warez suck, piracy is where it's at... :shock: