Spoilers: Walking Dead on AMC

Is it bad that I am rooting for the bad guys? After all this Emo crap the talk by their leader was suprisingly enjoyable.
Anyone want to take bets on who died at the end?
I have a theory based on what was said, but I may have misheard...
Is it bad I instantly recognized Steven Ogg (Trevor from GTA 5) in the newest episode.

Ooooh, I recognized him but couldn't place him!
I have a theory based on what was said, but I may have misheard...

what's your theory, I thought that at one point but Negan says "cut out the boy's eye and feed it to his father", he also gestures to Carl to his right which makes me think he was down the Daryl/Glen end of the line. My money is maybe on Glen as happened in the comic, both he and Maggie gave up that there is something there between them so Negan wanting to make an impact may pick them.

edit: just seen this

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That was one of the worst cliffhangers I've ever seen. I feel like the episode just wasted my time.
The cast has been tweeting that even they don't know which character dies, so it's doubtful that any of this stuff is true.
Also disappointed. Just watched it. It made a whole lot of not-sense to me, the whole ordeal.
Nobody is that machiavelic (how the FUCK would they know the pregnant lady would get sick, do they just man the barricades for 9 months straight if she hadn't, just in hopes she would?), and how would they know where they'd decide to ditch the van and go on foot, with the amount of ground covered by the vehicle being so much more than what they can cover/follow, unless its an outfit of literally thousands of people all stationed to keep watch.
Then the whole tension build up to nothing, bleh.
Should have gone to bed and left it for tomorrow, definitely was not worth it me going with one hour less sleep to work tomorrow.
So much right with that assessment. I have had a problem with this show for awhile now, but it just keeps getting worse. At this point, the only reason I watch it is because of friends. One of those complained because I erased it from the DVR already, saying that she wanted to re-watch it all. I just could not go through that again so soon, maybe before the next season starts, but maybe not.
The cast has been tweeting that even they don't know which character dies, so it's doubtful that any of this stuff is true.

Apparantly they shot several versions and nobody knows which one gets picked.


Glenn -> Comic book victim, would finally get rid of that emo. Also he made himself a target by intervening.
Maggie -> It's an US series. Beating a sick pregnant woman to death would cause a shitstorm.
Carl -> meh, why not
Rick -> that'd be funny
Daryl -> last good character gone....
Michonne -> meh. couldn'T care less
That guy who drove RV -> couldn't care less

I watched it, but was not impressed. At this point, I doubt I will continue to watch.
Now I need something uplifting. I could rewatch the Red Wedding...

Seriously, though: That was a bit much. The Walking Dead always shone through its bleakness, but they need to come up with some positive outlook within the next couple of episodes, I think.

Also, like GRtak said: Not impressed. Being brutal alone doesn't cut it.
Glenn's indented skull and eye popping out was pretty nasty.

What got me was the twitching corpse with the skull beaten to a pulp, the eye there too.
Watching that happening to a some random person must be completely devastating but watching someone you love?
Man, Negan is my new favourite character. Can we just murder the old staff (Especially Carl and Rick) and follow him around instead?
The way he acts and speaks are just great, and he seems to be the last character with his balls attached...
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Kinda agree.

Don't really see how they are gonna turn this around. Unless Daryl somehow mans up can kill Negan.

But even then, how long is this gonna drag on, is it the last season? So far this season has been very uneventful, then the whole episode with carol and morgan..
I almost forgot, the guy with the Tiger, I guess he comes to the rescue... There are too many characters..