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Apr 5, 2006
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I don't know how possible this is, but does anyone want to take a stab at modifying this to have the outline of the XTerra on it instead of a Defender? I figured those hammers and stuff to the rear of the Defender outline could be removed to make room for the XTerra so it's the right scale. I hope it won't be too much of a PITA.

Here is a photo of the X in profile if it helps:

how's that then, not my best work, a little busy with raging at stupid office people
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Blayde delivers.
I like both, great idea for a wallpaper and great work by Blayde. :)
I'm shamelessly hopping on the train - can anybody 'shop this picture for using it as wallpaper (aspect ratio 16:10, at least 1920x1200 pixels)? It's the wikimedia Commons picture of the year 2013, but as I'm neither talented nor do I have the tools for it it'd take me years to achieve a mediocre result...

Thanks in advance :)
Well I think I achieved that mediocre result you mentioned. No idea how the background should've been so I winged it. :p


I forgot about the taskbar, hope you have it hidden (or use a Mac). If you hate it don't worry because it didn't take very long. :lol:
That's perfect. :) I neither have the taskbar hidden nor do I use a Mac, but it still doesn't interfere with the taskbar since the taskbar isn't that high. See the proof :)
Anyone can help with turning this into a 3180x1080 wallpaper? I want the focus to be on the instruments console and the numbers removed. I'd do it myself but I'm on a fresh 8.1 install and don't have PS atm.