Want an FG Racing Zippo lighter or key fob?

You might want to team up with others if someone else from Finland wants a zippo as well, them you can share the shipping costs from the US to Finland and use the (I guess) much cheaper shipping costs in Finland to distribute the lighters.
22,5 is fine. Let me know the total cost and how I can pay you
Thankyou Mr CraigB! Most awesome :thumbup:
Just to keep you in the loop what with Roadtrip/Ringmeet and that vacation meaning I didn't get my last expenses claim in on time I've been in the midst of a bit of a minor cash flow crisis the last few weeks but I get paid on Friday and will send you the money for mine via PayPal this weekend or very early next week. Profound and sincere apologies for the delay.

Also so please remind me did I order just the FG Racing logo or both? Now I've seen them I prefer just the racing logo but if mine has both I'll take it. Don't want you to be out of pocket.

Finally... Awesome as always. :bow:
Sorry for the delayed reply. Job went tits up and I'm restricting all spending to the bare essentials like rent, food, fuel and car insurance right now until I get a new position.

As as soon as I can I will get a PayPal transfer made. I've got some irons in the fire as to new job options and once I get my first proper pay check I'll take care of this one.
Not a problem. I can ship it out if you want and you can pay later.

Thank you but no. I would not expect shipment before payment even in thus awesome community.

I am getting benefits and have a couple of minor sidelines going on to keep the wolf from the door as it were. Even if I don't start a new permanent job I should be able to settle up soon.