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Wanting to get a new mobile


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May 26, 2004
hong kong
hey guys as you know i have a sony ericsson T610. recently i can hear myself talk on the phone and get really shitty reception all of a sudden and its only my phone. battery kinda sucks as well now.

in brief i wanna get a new color camera phone. with video as well. my budget is under 3K HKD. also dont want a 3G phone yet.

suggestions please!
you can't get much for 3k nowadays... I'll suggest my phone the SE K700i or the Nokia 7610... they are both quite old (<half a year old now) but still great phones and they are within your budget
theres a sick flip nokia phone.. check it out forgot the number but it starts with 7...
cool, i was lookin at samsung and seimens ones. i like samsung ones better though SL65 is nice, just like the merc sl65 :thumbsup:
<- :)

Ok, I'll write a bit more. I had 6600 before this one, and they are basicly same inside. The 6670 is far better looking, smaller, lighter, feels better in hand (because of 6600's shape it tends to slip out). The joystick on 6600 is better IMHO than 5 directional button on 6670, but I can live with that.
6670 is faster, and it's niticeable in some games and menu. Still not fast enough in opening applications that are used frequently, like menu, phonebook, call log, calendar, and other simple stuff. If you want JUST phone, series 40 is better choise.
Ok, what else... 6670 uses redused-size MMC for some reason. They managed to fit full size MMC in 6600, dunno why they went for RS in 6670. But memory is cheap these days, that shouldn't be a problem :) And of course it's not hot-swappable. Still-camera is suprisingly good. It's 1mpx, and it's way way better than the one on 6600. Nowhere near a proper camera, but very very good for a mobile. 6670 doesn't have IR, but has USB. Doesn't bother me, I use Bluetooth anyway :)
Screen is great. Colors and everything is perfect. Opera browser rules too, I browed this forum using it, and it works excellent. Of course it's not 3G, so all you get is GPRS, but with image-loading off, it works reasonable fast.
I found one major problem. Although it's marketed as business-phone, it has interchangeable face-plates. And in my phone front plate is pretty loose at upper left corner. When I'm pressing it against the ear it makes creaking noises :(
Thanks! We don't have 3G over here, so that's not really a feature for me. I think I'll pick one up this weekend. :D
but does anyone agree with me the 6670 looks like crap... I mean why not fork out abit more and get a 7610... basically the same functions but alot better looking
_Alot_ better looking?
6670 is just a restyled 7610. They are complitely same inside, and almost same outside. Dimensions, weight, everything is the same. Even the price is similar. The only difference is the keyboard and color scheme.
But symmetrical keyboard is a HUGE plus for 6670. I hate to use these products where design goes in front of ergonomics. I mean... It's a phone, I'm supposed to press the buttons a lot. With 7610 use have to look what's written on them, because they're all mixed up like that.
1430 Riyals, so about 285 euros, I'm lovin' the mp3 and midi player! My last phone was a Samsung SGH-T100 and a Nokia 3360 before that, so this is a huge upgrade for me. :D
285e? Wow, that's cheap. I thought we had one of the cheapest Nokias in Finland, but apparently not. It's still about 350e here.
Anyway, mp3 isn't for real there. It's software-decoded and mono (the phone has only mono output), so I'm not so sure about it's greatness. Well, maybe for ringtones mp3 is fine, but not as music player...
Yeah, the mp3 playback is really only good for ringtones, but since the phone doesn't have a headphone jack anyway, it was never going to work very well as a serious mp3 player. For the price of a bigger RSMMC card and those stereo headsets I can just buy an iPod Shuffle.