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was Richard REALLY hypnotized??

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May 27, 2004
Like most people I suppose, I had a really good laugh when Richard was hypnotized into believing that the little plastic car was his brand new Porsche. I replayed the part where he gets really mad cause JC rams into his Porsche and can't stop laughing ("No it bloody won't buff out" - LOL!). However, I still have my doubts on how authentic all this was... so what do you people think? and how come they never metioned anything the next show?
He's a good actor if he wasn't, but then again... he might be a good actor. :)
I dunno really. There are some flaws but then again, it looked very authentic.
I posted this back in May:

zenon said:
It is hard to believe, but it is very very real.

The brain is extremely complicated and extremely powerful while also being extremely easy to manipulate. It is fairly difficult to really hypnotize someone though and there are still quite a few inate safety checks in the brain to keep people from doing extremely dangerous or violent things.

As bizzare as it seems, hypnotism is very real.
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